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Underserved Communities
Definition of underserved adjective. uk /ˌʌndəˈsɜːvd/ us used to describe a place, market, etc. where fewer goods or services are available than there should be: They are encouraging retail development in underserved neighborhoods.

- GEMZ takes pride in Expanding underserved communities Economic Opportunities. Our many projects expand opportunities for our targeted audiences through education, career based marketable skills training, advanced tools and entrepreneurship.

- Our Passion is to Empower the underserved communities to succeed using entrepreneurial and business technology solutions to start and grow sustainable businesses that offer economic stability in urban and underprivileged communities.

- GEMZ provides the knowledge and skills to earn an income to lift themselves and their families from any negative situation they maybe in.

- We offer innovative technology methods to provide the underserved communities with vocational training to break into higher employment sectors and or start their own business.

- We also encourage stability, resilience and the capacity to build better lives. - By providing networking/collaborating opportunities, mentoring, accessing innovative information and business management training, we help rebuild confidence so that they become leaders in their community.

- One of GEMZ commitments in the communities we serve is to transform lives through evidence-based programs that focus on expanding economic opportunities, increasing expanded opportunities for entrepreneurship, education employment and ultimately bridging the digital tech divide while offering upward mobility in communities.
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Grass Roots Nonprofits

Definition of Grass Roots /ˈɡras ˈˌro͞ots/ noun plural noun: grassroots 1. the most basic level of an activity or organization. "the whole campaign would be conducted at the grass roots" synonyms: popular, of-the-people, bottom-up, nonhierarchical, rank-and-file "a grassroots movement" o ordinary people regarded as the main body of an organization's membership. "you have lost touch with the grass roots of the party"

GEMZ provides strategies and complete solutions in all aspects of Self Sustainability, growth to help grassroots nonprofit organizations get access to Free and almost resources to get their organizations known so that they can truly impact, make a difference and change lives in their communities for their cause. 

We offer an array of networking and collaborating opportunities for funding, product/service/event creation as well as income generating opportunities with social entrepreneurs, business and specialty niche businesses to not only fund their mission/purpose but to make a greater impact in the communities they serve. 
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Our team’s strength is relentless in developing best-in-class income generating opportunities using technology along with e-commerce platforms that are innovative to give an edge to grassroots nonprofits that are struggling with funding for their cause!

Take advantage of the collaborative opportunities we offer for grassroots nonprofit organizations no matter how big or small to meet your nonprofits’ financial needs and make a difference in the community/communities that we serve.

This is a win-win for your organization as well as the community.

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Social Entrepreneurs
Definition of Social Entrepreneur so·cial en·tre·pre·neur noun  
1. a person who establishes an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems or effecting social change. "small-scale projects run by local or regional social entrepreneurs"

Are you a social entrepreneur, business owner that has a passion to give back and help others?  

Would like to learn how you can incorporate your current business, project, and programs to help others, give back to the community while at the same time continue to be successful and grow your business?

Learn how other major For-profit and Nonprofit organizations use the Social Enterprise model (Earned income venture), by Selling goods or services a traditional 501c3 Nonprofit organization can diversity its funding base while providing positive impact in the community. 

● We provide Free Strategy Sessions to bring clarity to what your goal and purpose is in giving back to the community and #beingadifferencemaker.

● Help you find organizations to collaborate with to help you find your passion and purpose. 

● Learn about our Nonprofit Secrets Program and how it can help your business while helping others and giving back to your community. Let us help you find and align your business goals with whatever passion you have in giving back and helping others by connecting grassroots nonprofits with businesses, social entrepreneurs like you to work together in many capacities such as. ..

● Volunteering/Mentoring/Facilitating

● Giving of in-kind donations

● Sponsorships 

● Giving a portion of proceeds 

● Hosting & Collaboration thru Events .

This is what we would call the sharing economy model. 

This can provide social enterprises, businesses with the opportunities to overcome market problems they may have and much more because social value can be fully embedded in the process of the sharing economy model. 

Using innovative ways and proactive platforms collectively we can work/collaborate together to impact our communities, give back and help others.  

We offer an array of networking and collaborative opportunities for businesses, Social entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, social capital, market share, brand and ultimately help with the bottom line and ROI (Return On Investment) while giving back and helping others! 

This is a win-win for your business as well as the community.

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