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Business/Organization Credit Funding Services
"GEMZ SMARTMoney mission is to collaborate and aid 501c3 Grassroots Nonprofits, Small Business owners, and entrepreneurs to become self-funded by assisting them in building business credit as well as generating income thru product, service and event creation. We help them access free, affordable resources that are available to help them grow their business and make a difference in their communities. We are actively creating funding solutions and solving problems that our underserved business community are facing when it comes starting and scaling a successful business/organizations. "

● GEMZ SMARTMoney financially fuels and empowers community assets aka #DifferenceMakers in our business community for High IMPACT Return On Investment (ROI) by using our innovative Business Credit Building System to foster job creation, career advancement, entrepreneurship and poverty reduction in underserved locally, regionally, nationally and globally

● GEMZ  Smart Money Credit Building System will get your Business/Organization's credit identity and business/organization credit scores established with Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax Small Business and Corporate Experian. This allows for more credit, financing, funding opportunities for your business/organization to grow without having to rely on your personal credit, assets to secure funding for your business/organizations purpose and needs. 

● Leverage your creditworthy business/organization to access multiple sources of credit, financing and funding opportunities while protecting your personal credit and assets. Access lines of credit, cash loans and funding from $50K- $200K in less  than 90 days with our program to 

● GET QUICK FUNDING FOR YOUR BUSINESS THE RIGHT WAY! (Even if you haven't started your business yet)
●QUICKLY & EASILY BUILD credit for your business That’s NOT Linked to Your SSN.

●Get private access to our vendor credit lines, fleet credit cards, unsecured business lines of credit, bank loan programs. Get approved even as a startup, having no collateral, or with challenged personal credit.

●We establish business credit scores with all three major business credit reporting agencies... Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business and Equifax Small Business.
● We provide a complete list of free or affordable resources available that most organizations don’t know exist. One of the many things we can help with is with getting them approved for a 10k per month marketing grant to market and use it to showcase any need the organization has. 

● We Collaborate with other Nonprofit Organizations in immediate fundraising opportunities thru many different events and fundraising programs by providing funds for their cause and needs from proceeds of the contributions/donations.

Are you a Small Business, Entrepreneur or Grassroots Nonprofit that is struggling to generate income for your mission, get your cause known, access traditional grants and funding? 

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Community Collaborations 
1. Community Difference Makers we collaborate in community with are individuals, social entrepreneurs, businesses and other grassroots nonprofits thru partnering, networking, collaboration, fundraising and other innovative revenue generating ways to serve our communities, grow our cause and ultimately make a major impact in our communities. 

2. GEMZ and Our Community of Grassroots Nonprofits are seeking social entrepreneurs, local businesses to help serve our community based initiatives in bridging the digital divide in underserved communities as well as collaborate with these grassroots nonprofits in making an impact in community with their chosen initiatives/missions.

3. Volunteer- Plug into a community of people that enjoys collaboration and making a difference. We all have something to teach and show others! Volunteer your expertise and serve in community. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could merge and collaborate to create networking opportunities that make a difference in our community?

GEMZ CDC has an awesome collaborative effort in the grassroots nonprofit community and is a perfect fit for anyone seeking opportunities for social change to give back, grow their business and collaborate in community. 

For More Information on How You Can #beadifferencemaker
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Tech Training & Workshops
GEMZ goal when it comes to tech training & workshops is to raise employability of our underserved community, bridge the digital tech divide amongst all of the different generational clients we serve through increasing access to the internet, from basic digital training to advance digital tech training and the skills to access the resources it provides. There are many considerable additional challenges in bridging the tech divide, including a lack of knowledge among families about the opportunities and resources available to them. We partner with different local organizations and businesses to bring awareness to this major problem facing our community by offering. 

● Free Basic Digital Tech Training & Workshops 

● Panel Discussions

● Facilitating digital training in collaboration with Schools and other community organizations.

● Providing access to Laptops, WiFi, Training and other technology FREE to families in our community in need. 

  ● Host Online and Offline Innovative Tech Trainings for more exposure to Technology for career opportunities, entrepreneurship and much more. 

● Collaborate with Grassroots Nonprofits that have STEM and STEAM program as a referral resource. 

● Help Facilitate partnerships and collaborations amongst many different types of Grassroots Nonprofits and Businesses to impact community and make a difference. 

● Complete family digital inclusion training for all ages and generations.  

“Digital Technology and internet access is not a luxury, it is a necessity for all of our our families, communities and the world.” Our digital responsibility challenge is to empower our underserved communities by connecting them to affordable internet, accessing technology and training resources to meet their needs and provide endless opportunities for economic stability and upward mobility so that they too can pay it forward and #bedifferencemakers.”
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