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Community Development Corporation
About  Our Founders
GEMZ founding members have very diverse careers that led them to create GEMZ their career experience has been in the marketing, business development and sales as well  helping minorities and women in underprivileged communities secure employment start up businesses and nonprofits, as well as grant writing for real estate beautification projects with combined experience in these fields of over 35 years. 
They have both lived in Charlotte for most of their lives so The Charlotte Community is near and dear to their heart. 
Our Founders strongly believe that Social Entrepreneurship and Collaboration is the way to succeed, give back, Empower and impact communities. 
The focus is to bring community awareness of the importance of minorities understanding that technology will guide society and businesses in the 21st century and how being prepared will help minorities and women compete competently in all business industries for equal employment and equal pay. 
Our Team spends their time  researching to find resources, information, funding and learning the newest and most effective ways to grow a business, succeed in your career while also being a difference maker and making impact in community. We have helped 100's of small business owners to "Whiteboard" and improve their marketing strategies to grow their client base, create products and services, and accelerate their profits. 
They have  facilitated marketing bilingual trainings for Building Contractors, local small businesses, entrepreneurs, as well as nonprofit organizations. GEMZ has facilitated several panel discussions in conjunction with Tech Talent South in the last several years to bring awareness of the major digital Tech divide here in our community as well.  
They have also assisted several private investors in investing in underdeveloped communities in North Carolina, South Carolina and Washington, D.C.  They hold an array of business knowledge and strategy for successful community development projects. 

About Michele Daaé -Legacy Team-
Michele Daaé has launched and managed her own businesses for over 20 years. Her passion for helping others achieve their business goals is the force behind her consulting career. Her ability to listen keenly to a client’s aspirations lets her translate them into a workable course of action for success. 

She holds an AAS and BA in the areas of liberal arts, management, and merchandising. 

Michele lives in Boulder, CO, with her partner, Richard. 
She works virtually with clients around the US. 
Her philosophy is that every day should feel like a Friday. 

You may contact Michele at 929-242-9565 or Twitter @MicheleDaae
Doctor Matt Olesiak  -Legacy Team-

Dr. Matt was born oversees in Poland to two loving Olympic Speedskaters who eventually made their way to New Jersey where he grew up for most of his life. Matt trained as a professional gymnast and once he graduated from the College of William And Mary, he returned to Poland for 4 years to attend Medical School in Krakow. Following his doctorate, Matt trained as a Surgical Resident and then Psychiatry Resident. Recognizing the need to help his fellow Entrepreneurs and business start-ups, Matt immediately formed ATLAS SEO, LLC and is the acting Owner & Founder as the Lead SEO Expert. Matt Specializes in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube Search Engine Optimization. He welcomes any and all businesses for a strategy session. Keep an eye out for this guy and stop by ATLAS SEO at for your SEO needs.

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