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Community Development Corporation
"GEMZ mission is to collaborate and aid Small Businesses, Social Entrepreneurs and 501c3 Grassroots Nonprofits become self-funded. We assist them in establishing their business/organization be credit compliant and improve their fundability. We also teach them to generate income thru product, service and event creation as well as helping them access free, affordable resources that are available to help them grow their cause/businesses and make a difference in their communities.We are actively creating solutions and solving problems that our underserved communities and different generational groups are facing when it comes to the the digital technology divide in our world, by empowering business/organizational growth, startup and entrepreneurship amongst our underserved communities." 
"We Bridge the Digital Technology Divide In Underserved groups to Build Stronger Communities by Empowering business/otganizational startups using resources that are not well known and taught in underserved communities. by teaching them about business credit and funding"

The Problem
The Outcome
The Solution
“The non-profit model as we know it, relies heavily on grants, public funding and charity. There is a major shift in the Nonprofit business model which is now driven by social entrepreneurship, grassroots organizations, businesses and upstarts. We are working together to tackle and disrupt major social issues around the world while still generating profits.”
Whatever you do, #DoIt4ACause
GEMZ empowers community assets aka #DifferenceMakers for High IMPACT Return On Investment (ROI) by using innovative technology processes to foster job creation, career advancement, entrepreneurship and poverty reduction in underserved locally, regionally, nationally and globally.
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