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#Drinkit4ACause Community Collaborations -Now 
GEMZ has created a community initiative to partner with CRAFT BREWERIES throughout the USA. We are currently seeking and looking to Collaborate with Craft Breweries in North and South Carolina. 

Why Craft Breweries? GEMZ uses creative collaborative concepts that create partnerships to raise funds for Grassroots Nonprofits to further their cause and mission. We found that Craft Breweries offer an amazing atmosphere to engage in community. 

The majority of Craft Breweries love to “Do Good while Doing Good Business!”, we have been personally touched by the generosity of several local Craft Breweries and they have all said that they would love to Help even more!! Our DrinkIt4ACause initiative will be a WIN, WIN, WIN for all involved. 

There are many opportunities for Craft Breweries, Grassroots Nonprofits, Social Entrepreneurs and the community to participate in this project such as,

● Sponsorships
● Just Participate
● Become a #DifferenceMaker
● Donate
● Host Events 
● Collaborate and much more “Become Empowered by Impacting Someone In Need by Drinking Responsibly” CTA Contact us today to see how your Business, Brewery can be a part of this initiative 704-594-1003
Winter Defiance Jam (TBA)
#DrinkIt4ACause Craft Brewery Festival (TBA)

GEMZ Motto is “Whatever you do, #doit4acause”! We use creative and innovative ways for everyone to get involved, give back, have fun and #beadifferencemaker.
“Digital Responsibility Challenge”

Dear Fellow #DifferenceMakers,

Our organization, GEMZ is actively creating solutions and solving problems that our global communities are facing when it comes to the digital tech divide amongst underserved communities and the different generational groups. Our efforts to eliminate the divide won’t reach maximum effectiveness unless we have the backing of the entire community which includes you and your organization(s) collaborating with us to #BeADifferenceMaker.

GEMZ takes pride in partnering with online social entrepreneurs as well as local businesses and organizations to help bridge the “Digital Tech Divide”. We are currently focusing on helping 100 families in the next year through our “Digital Responsibility Seed of Opportunity” campaign.

This complete package will include a laptop, internet access, computer training from basic skills to complete automation processes, advanced incubators for e-commerce, affiliate programs, as well product and service creation trainings will be offered to encourage job creation and poverty reduction in these underserved communities.

Your tax-deductible gift to GEMZ “Digital Responsibility Seed of Opportunity” campaign, has a global reach helping us accomplish the goal of bridging the digital tech divide in underserved communities. 

#beadifferencemaker! In appreciation of your anticipated gift, we would like to showcase you and your organizations logo and information on our Website as a #DifferenceMaker, as well as recognize you and your organization throughout our social media and marketing collateral. 

We hope that we can count on your help us reach our goal.


Jackie & Jarrisha WWW.GEMZCDC.ORG
P.S   We are currently seeking Corporate Sponsors of any size to be able to make an even bigger difference to impact more lives and communities!! 

Your gift of any amount will make you a #differencemaker as well help us eliminate the digital divide amongst underserved communities. 

The seed you sow will you be making a positive impact in the community and transform lives. #BeADifferenceMaker What your seed does in community.  

"Give the gift of giving and receiving." Net proceeds are directed to host workshops, trainings, events and provide the technological resources necessary to succeed and Bridge the digital tech divide in our community!! 

Examples of how your seed is used are giving Wifi access, computer hardware and software to underserved communities in need of these resources.
#BeADifference Maker Starter Kit

#BeADifferenceMaker T-Shirt 
Certificate of Appreciation for supporting our mission
#BeADifferenceMaker Package  

#BeADifferenceMaker T-Shirt
Certificate of Appreciation for supporting our mission
(Includes: Nonprofit Secrets Book when it publishes)

Join Our “Digital Responsibility Seed” Challenge, plant a seed into good! Your gift of $100 will give a family access to a laptop and WiFi connection.
#BeADifferenceMaker T-Shirt
Certificate of Appreciation for supporting our mission
(Includes: Nonprofit Secrets Book when it publishes) 
Limited edition commemorative coin and plaque
#BeADifferenceMaker T-Shirt
Certificate of Appreciation for supporting our mission 
(Includes: Nonprofit Secrets Book when it publishes)
Limited edition commemorative coin 
Plaque added to our LEGACY wall as a #differencemaker
If your business or organization has decommissioned computers and or technology that can be re-purposed for the families, individuals we help. Support the cause #sowaseed
This Holiday Season give the Gift of Impact, Transformation, community and most of all #beadifferencemaker!!!
Nonprofit Secrets Membership Site
Be one of the 1st to have access to our book that publishes in early 2019 !!
 “Nonprofit Secrets”

Why every Business/Entrepreneur should have their own 501c3 Nonprofit and or Collaborate with other Nonprofits!!

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Get one for someone else and help them discover the #differencemaker within themselves!!!

Pre-order Nonprofit Secrets and you will not only #beadifferencemaker but you will also receive the following bonuses.

-An exclusive digital e-book on the strategies and most successful Social Entrepreneurs of our time and how to use their strategies for your own organization. .

-An exclusive autographed book by the authors to the 1st - 500 preordered copies

-Access to the FB Nonprofit Secrets private group only available to Clients and Nonprofit Secrets purchasers.

-A chance to win a 1hr. Clarity call with the authors to plan out your organization
#DrinkIt4ACause “Community Collaborations/ Partnerships 
Online Offline Domination Trainings and 
Workshops Nonprofit Secrets Webinar Series "
Be one of the 1st to have access to our book that publishes in early 2019 
We here at GEMZ are a product of our products and services. GEMZ and its founders have served countless hours of time, money and talent in community. We have also hosted, collaborated and participated in several high impact projects and event that align with our mission.
We brought together several local Grassroots organizations along with several social entrepreneurs, #differencemakers together to brainstorm and combine their efforts to work together which is called collaboration in our community. PEEP, CollabCharlotte, GEMZ, AmeriCorps and others
November 2, 2017 - Berry Fall Career Exploration
This was another empowering, transformational event!! We were able to #bedifferencemakers and help the future of our community how important technology is and how they can use just their current knowledge to have a successful career and possible start their own business. 

Students got chance to meet Career mentors/professionals from over 15 different industries and learn about what kind of professions are out there/what do these professionals do/ what kind of preparation is needed to pursue that career and what may be some resources out there to get started.
November 30, 2017 - “Bridging the Digital Tech Divide” Panel Discussion
December 4, 2017 -  Take Your Business to the Next Level With Collab Charlotte
March 2018 - “Bridging the Digital Divide” Panel Discussion Hosted by Tech Talent South
GEMZ facilitated a stellar panel to discuss ways to bridge the digital divide in minority communities for better access to internet options along with advocacy of use of technology in underserved communities. 

We were fortunate to have a very diverse panel from IT Specialists, School Teachers, Business Owners and Students. 

Our audience were able to get a better understanding of ways we can collaborate together as a community to promote digital inclusion in low to moderate impoverished areas in our communities. 

Participants left with a Call-To-Action of joining the “Digital Responsibility Challenge”, whether monetary, in-kind, and/or by way of volunteering in communities that have a need for access to internet and computers/laptops in their home.
May 2018 - Portfolio Show at C3 LAB Hosted by CPCC Levine Campus
GEMZ offers mentorship program services to high school students along with community college students to help encourage advancement and innovation in technology specifically underserved youth. 

We were fortunate to work with Central Piedmont Community College to help their advanced graphic students with their “Portfolio Show”. Students were given different concepts to work with in order to showcase a portfolio of their unique talent as it relates to graphic design. 

This was an amazing opportunity to meet some really unique and rare talent. GEMZ focus was to help the class find a meeting space for the event along with logistics of setting up this venue and also making sure that refreshments were available for the students as well as their guest.
August 2018 - WGIV Interview With Katris Wright of Esthers Virtue Nonprofit
GEMZ CDC was invited by Founder of Esther’s Virtue, Katris Wright to discuss upcoming events, trainings and why we serve in the community. 

This interview was very candid and touched on the digital tech divide in underserved communities along with the upward mobility issues in our communities
September 2018 - Launch of Nonprofit Secrets Webinar Series
GEMZ CDC partnered with Michele Daaé of Daaé Consulting to launch “Nonprofit Secrets Webinar Series” to offer online nonprofit support services to individuals, social entrepreneur, grassroots organizations, and/or businesses. 

These series offer basic to advanced level income-generating concepts to help nonprofits sustain their mission from the word, “go”!
October 2018 - ADSUM Conference
GEMZ was chosen by Host Nate Lind because we aligned with ADSUM’s Mission of Giving Back and helping others aka “ONLINE SELLERS SUMMIT” is the ULTIMATE event for online retailers and the services that support them. 

Our goal was to go there to learn about online retailers and services so that we could become a product or our product and teach Grassroots nonprofits on generating income thru ecommerce. 

They bring Amazon resellers, Shopify storefronts, affiliate marketing advertisers, and anyone selling products online together with the companies that help them succeed. 

Then for three days, they help everyone develop the knowledge and relationships to thrive. 

ADSUM staff did everything they could to make ONLINE SELLERS SUMMIT feel like an industry retreat for the online retail community this event was stellar. It starts with the panels. 

A roster of A-list marketers and business legends. We had the opportunity to speak and be involved with guest speakers and panelists throughout the event. 

We were able to pitch a project that has been on our mind and heart and left the event with an Amazing Board of Advisors as well as we will be represented by one of the world’s top celebrity branding company that has a passion to give back and help others.
Disruption and support services to every grassroots nonprofit to #BeADifferenceMaker and sustain their mission.
We will help 100 Grassroots Nonprofits by 2020 Foster vibrant grassroots nonprofits as community assets for job creation and poverty reduction with High IMPACT ROI.
Grassroots Nonprofits Matter
Grassroots nonprofits success is our success.
Social Entrepreneurs Matter
Social Entrepreneurs are the innovative engine of our global economy, through business formation, job creation, and wealth building. 

The support of social entrepreneurs is critical to vibrant, thriving and sustainable communities.
Giving Back Matters
We give volunteers, stakeholders and sponsors countless opportunities to join forces with our team to give back to the underserved grassroots nonprofits through their support of GEMZ mission and vision.
Volunteers Matter
GEMZ is a volunteer nonprofit organization helping grassroots nonprofits and social entrepreneurs solve business problems. 

Volunteers give freely of their time, knowledge and resources to help ensure that grassroots nonprofits with High IMPACT ROI programs are sustained. 

GEMZ volunteers donate thousands of hours of their time each year to support the underserved in their community.
Experience Matters
Grassroots Nonprofits experience matters. This is why disruption of Big Nonprofit brands business structure and grant disbursement processes must be challenged. 

We ensure that our High Performance Team business structure offers grassroots nonprofits cutting edge knowledge and technology for superior product and service creation tools for accelerated income opportunities to sustain their mission. 

We ensure that our clients find value, satisfaction and have a positive and impactful experience.
Relationships Matter
Social capital is the “driving force” of GEMZ CDC. We build strong long-term win-win relationships with integrity, respect, honesty, purpose and professionalism. 

We listen to underserved communities with an open mind, and engage our stakeholders and sponsors with open communicate for collaboration to solve problems 
Diversity Matters
Lifelong Learning Matters
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