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About Us
GEMZ is a non-profit organization whose primary focus is dedicated to working with underserved by transforming these communities through job creation and poverty reduction with our accelerated online and offline training programs. Our major focus areas are technology, grassroots nonprofits, social entrepreneurship and social awareness campaigns. 

GEMZ is an innovator in using tomorrow’s technology trends that will transform and impact today’s grassroots nonprofits, our communities and ultimately the world. We merge diverse collaborations and innovations with initiative for sustainable families, businesses, and communities. In our collaboration with many diverse organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals we have had the opportunity to show other #differencemakers, #grassrootsnonprofits #entrepreneurs/business owners how to not only succeed in growing their business and organizations but also access the social capital that are available to make high impact in our communities and change lives. GEMZ firmly believes that with Collaboration, Innovation and Creation are the Keys to making the world a better place for the future. By empowering these underserved communities with the the proper tools, education, technology and resources needed we can reduce poverty, create jobs and bridge the economic disparity gaps which are all too prevalent in our communities.
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