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Alex Brown 
Keynote Speaker, Multi-Business Entrepreneur, Writer, Nomad, Musician, Goofball 

I'm a "serial entrepreneur" (so over-used, I know) and specialize in strategic vision development and the tactical execution of epic business strategies. That sounds kind of egotistical doesn't it?

Well...How about this: I love the startup space and helping other entrepreneurs establish and position their companies for massive growth. I am an active advisor to multiple companies, programs and individuals.

Cool Highlights

- Built out an accelerator program from scratch for e-commerce entrepreneurs

- $10M in revenue in first year of business with The Beard Club

- $500k Crowdfunding campaign with Coolbox

- Contributor to

- Active advisor to over 10 companies

- Featured in almost all major business blogs

- Keynote Speaker on 3 continents (and counting)

- Took selfie with Taylor Swift

- Recognized thought leader in youth employment policy & entrepreneurship

- Global Startup Youth 2013 Delegate - Awarded full scholarship -

- Global Startup Youth ASEAN (2015) - Mentor -

- Top 1% most viewed profiles on Linkedin

James (Brad) Stickley 
IT Director, Global Solutions Design at CIRCOR International, Inc. Spartanburg, South Carolina

A proven business professional that has guided the overall strategic directions of business processes and system improvements. I believe that a well rounded approach to managing IT in partnership with the business strategy is essential for success. I have led successful collaboration projects that have engaged entire business teams and know how to plan, develop high performance teams that bring the best strategic value to the organization.

Nate Lind 
Founder/CEO - ADSUM 
(Online Retail Trade Show for $1m-$100m Companies)

ADSUM is the ULTIMATE event for online retailers and the services that support them. We bring Amazon resellers, Shopify storefronts, affiliate marketing advertisers, and anyone selling products online together with the companies that help them succeed. Then for three days, we help everyone develop the knowledge and relationships to thrive.

It starts with the panels. We put together a roster of A-list marketers and business legends. Then we get them to share their most powerful lessons and ideas with you. (Our past speakers include people like Perry Belcher, Re Perez, and Roland Frasier.)

Where/When is ADSUM?

Scottsdale, Arizona October 14th starting at 6pm until October 16th ending at 10pm

Book your room here:

HaloRiver Management Group is an experienced advertising agency offering performance marketing campaign management. HaloRiver provides a complete suite of services for any startup or established enterprise seeking to grow their sales through online performance marketing. 

Prior to co-founding HaloRiver, Mr. Lind held several senior management and business management consulting positions at top US banks and mortgage companies from 2008-2011, including Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and E*Trade Bank.

Mr. Lind’s career prior to management consulting was exclusively entrepreneurial in nature. From ventures in real estate finance, residential wholesaling, to non-performing mortgage acquisition and disposition. He owned and operated several startup companies from 2002-2008

Maritza Rodriguez  
Global Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Pevonia International, LLC

Orlando, Florida Area

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Pevonia International, LLCUniversity of Miami

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As a highly adaptable and fully bilingual (English/Spanish) executive brand architect, my expertise is in creating and setting global b2b and b2c strategies, programs, and customer-centric growth-driven priorities for: marketing, training, public relations, events, and global business development. As a fast-forward strategist, I’m passionate about optimizing corporate/brand footprints in a cost-effective yet profitable manner. I am an adamant collaborator that affirms and enhances market leadership while leading and empowering teams to foster growth and impact profitability.

1. Spearheaded/managed full-service in-house communications agency supporting: corporate entity, multi-brand marketing, global distributor/account network, education, and sales force

2. Pioneered innovative customer-centric proposals/presentations resulting in multi-million dollar deals

3. Negotiated media/vendor contracts resulting in multi-million-dollars in savings and value-add propositions

4. Developed/managed multi-million-dollar marketing budgets continuously performing at/below budget while impacting global growth & profitability

5. Reinvented and affirmed company brands (internally/externally) resulting in expansion from 2 to 100 countries in under a decade

6. Launched/managed leading trade publication

7. Spearheaded team building best practices expediting workflow, impacting productivity, and resulting in an unprecedented unified culture

8. Thought leader with expertise in cross cultural and cross functional team management resulting in cost-effective/profitable multi-brand marketing

9. Accomplished published author and ghost writer 

10. Image and marketing consultancy for growth-driven branding

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